The Ace Lagoon Way

Bringing Games Talents and Employers Together Across the World

Ace Lagoon was founded to answer the ever growing game industry's difficulty of finding talented developers to strengthen their teams and deliver high quality entertainment to players. Our mission is to bring the best people, Aces of the industry, from across the world together with the best studios, teams, and publishers in anywhere in the world. Our goal is to help You find the your dream job as a game developer, and You find the best team members for your team to create the most awesome games ever seen.

We are game developers ourselves, so we understand what it takes to believe in a vision and to create the best games, we understand the passion for creation burning in your hearts and minds, and we understand the difference it makes to find the best the best team and the best team mates possible. But even more importantly, we are gamers by heart and we want to see Your next hit game become a reality, because we want to play it.

Wether You're a Developer seeking for work or an Studio looking for new team members, we're here to help You.

For All Developers

Wether You're a Programmer, 2D/3D Artist, Game Designer, Audio Engineer, Community Manager, or any of the dozens of other professinals working in the games industry, we are here to help You.

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